Coronavirus COVID-19 Disinfection

With Coronavirus COVID 19 becoming ever more prevalent it is becoming clear that areas may need decontaminating to either minimise the risk or to actually clean & disinfect an area potentially contaminated with Coronavirus COVID 19. Coronavirus COVID 19 can survive to some extent outside of the body which means large areas may need disinfection. Bio-Cleanse have the equipment & the expertise to carry out this work via a combination of disinfection, deep cleaning & fogging techniques to eradicate Coronavirus COVID 19 from your premises, whether that is an office, your home, a GP surgery, a car, a boat or even a plane, we can make these areas safe again for everyday use. Our disinfection, deep cleaning & fogging techniques will remove Coronavirus COVID 19 effectively & provide you with piece of mind allowing you to continue with your everyday activities. Contact us here at Bio-Cleanse to discuss your needs.

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